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1.What is

Answer is website
in which you can recharge your mobile for free
for this have to chat with your friends
And you will get some money

2.How much I will earn?

Answer You will get 1 paisa when your friend sends you a message
For this you are not charged any thing is total free service
You can earn 1 rupee per day max

3.Can I earn more money

Answer It will take time
but when you use this website regularly
you will get more money

4.How to add friends on this website?

Answer simply search for name of your friends
you will get list of friends
and add them as friends by clicking "Add as friend"

5.How to recharge mobile by website?

Answer Simply when you have more then 10 Rs in your account
Click on recharge button (located at top left corner)
Then you will be redirected to the new page
In this page enter name of your service provider (Company name of sim card).
There after you will get recharge for free

6.How website works? from where gets income to recharge my phone?

Answer Topupchat shows advertise on its page
When someone click on this advertise topupchat gets money
And some part of this money is given to user of

7.So who pays topupchat money for ad?

Answer It depends upon which company we use
It can be Google or Yahoo or some else
Currently it is yieldads which is product of yahoo!

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