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@nkh0n K $ah!l0n Pe Ha! @$hk0n Ka !k Haj00m…
$hayad Gham-e- Hu$$a!n <@.$> Ka M0$am Qareeb Ha!.(Karwan-E-@l!)

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December Jab Bh! @ya Hay Mere Khaam0$h Kamray Ma!n …….
Mery B!$ter Pay B!khar! Hu! K!tab!n Bheegh Jat! Ha!n

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Qa$a! Qa$! Ka Ber! H0ta Hay—
Qurban! Kar Refr!gerat0r Ma!n Dal–
@aj Qurban! kal D0$ra D!n—
Bakra Dhek0 Bakray K! Ran Dhek0—-

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N0n Veg $m$
“Jab aap K!$! $ey R00th Kar Nafrat $ey Baat Kar0,
..,.aur W0h..
U$Ka Jawab MOH@BB@T $ey Dey Tu $amajh jana k w0
Tmhar! gaand marny k chakar ma!n hy…Hahahaha Luck l0ndy baz c0mpny…

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Bakra E!d $m$
@!k Kh0b$00rat Bakr! Nay @!k Cute Bakray K0 Kaha
“! L0ve Y0u”
Bakray Nay Mayu00$ H0 Ky Kaha @b K!a Fa!da E!d @ny Wal! hay

Funny E!d $m$

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اســـــلام عليـــــكم
¸.•°“°•.¸ ¸.•°“°•.¸
`°•.¸¸.•°` `°•.¸¸.•°
ســـــبحـــــان اللـــــه وبحمدہ سبحان اللہ العظیم
اپنےھردن کاآغاز نیک کام اورنیک کلام سے کرو.‎ ‎

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Funny N0n Veg P0etry
J!dhar Bh! Dhek0 Yar00 !$hq Kay Bemar Bhete Ha!n
Hazar00n Maar Gaye Lak!n Lakh0 T!yar  Bhety Ha!n
Barbad Kartay Ha!n Khud K0 Lark!y0 Kay P!chy Bhag Kar
Ph!r Khetay Ha!n N0kr! Tu Lagwa D0 Ber0zGar Bhet Ha!n

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