Terms & conditions of TopUpChat.com

Dear user,
TopUpChat.com is website to chat with friends and get reward for each of the incomming message.
It is possible to occure some error in recharge system
so if you recieve any problem in recharge or do not recieve any recharge,
the website owner is not responsible for that.
The rules of topupchat.com may vary time by time and user can not make any objection on that
All rights to this website are only to the owner
By registration user will give all rights to their personal information to the website owner
This website can be colsed, renamed, sold out or redesigned at any moment and user cannot make any objection
If user does any inconveniant action or hack in this site, their account can be made disabled
If user sends any ads using random topic feature is will be consideraed that user is sending it to their firends
and message with ad will be taken as typed by user only not by this site
Owner is not responsible for any hardware damage to users instrument
By registering into this site you are going to be agree with this trems and condition
Thank you!

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